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    From Yelp (Review for 173 Mass Ave , Boston MA)

    I found this place to be a wonderful new concept of bringing Indian food into the current trend of fast food chains that cater to a wide range of people looking for cultural food that is adapted to western choices without giving up authenticity.

    When younger i spent a bunch of time in India and i can say that the chai here is the best I have tasted in Boston. This will certainly replace my green tea latte at Starbucks.

    The idea of making pizza made from Nan is great for those of us who don't usually like the filling effect of the regular pizza dough.

    Nanini instead of panini is also smart. You can use a piece of Nan (which is made fresh on site every day by the way) to fill it with all the different ingredients they have.

    This is my neighbourhood and it is a welcome addition. I wish it all the success it deserves.

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    Yelp User (Review for Harvard Square location)

    Favourite fast food in Harvard Square! This is immediate gratification. Quick Indian food, quite delicious, very cheap, and hits the right soul-filling spot.

    My Favourite thing on the menu is the Brown-Rice Bowl with Chutney Paneer. The Paneer is cooked in savory spices and onions. It's easy to carry away and bring to school and work, and there's no regret in terms of the wallet. I must have been here at least 60 times this school year already, probably another 20 times by the time I graduate in May. :)

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    (Review on Google for Harvard Square location)

    Amazing food. Its like chipotle but Indian food. The naans with lamb is really good. Chutney is yummy with the food. I would recommend it.

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    Trip Advisor - Harvard Square location

    They have the same style as Chipotle; but have substituted Mexican for Indian. This doesn't make a difference in the food though. The wraps were delicious and you can add any toppings from lots of choices. We had the chicken and the paneer which were both really good. Would definitely make this trip again.

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