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We at Chutneys set out to expand the horizon of Indian food. It all started from a thought that the flavor of Indian food which we love should be experienced by all.

We also looked at Indian street food where we got inspired by the diversity it offers, then we looked around at what concepts exists and how we can we adapt the Indian flavor in such a way so as to bring it in a familiar delivery method . We adapted it and improvised with the customer feedback we received.

We did not want to compromise on the flavors but still wanted it to be adaptable to various palates. At Chutneys you can always make your own flavor by mixing and matching the chutneys to create your own unique flavor.

Harvard Square

36 JFK St,
Cambridge MA 02138
PHONE : 617-491-2545

Longwood Medical Area

350 Longwood Ave
Longwood Galleria Food Court, Boston MA 02115

Mass Ave

173 Mass Ave
Across Berkelee School Of Music Boston MA 02115.

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